The following table compares the three unique core strategies Radius Capital Management offers.  Within each of the three strategies, we offer various risk levels to match the particular risk tolerance and time horizon of our clients.  During our initial and follow-up discussions with you, we analyze these and other factors to determine which portfolio best meets your needs.

Radius StrategyIndex StrategyBalanced Risk Strategy
Investment StyleMarket-Correlated MomentumMarket-Correlated MomentumMulti-Asset Risk Parity
Active vs. PassiveActivePassiveSemi-Passive
Style DescriptionSeeks to invest in the mutual funds that have the best risk-adjusted returns over the past year.Invests in broad-based passive market indices and holds them for at least one year to avoid short-term capital gains.Seeks to balance the portfolio risk exposure to generate more stable portfolio returns in all market/economic environments.
Fund TypesPrimarily actively managed fundsPrimarily passive index ETFsPrimarily passive index ETFs
Average Fund TurnoverNine months to one yearA minimum of one yearBuy and Hold with portfolio rebalance 1-2 times per year
Tax EfficiencyFair
(many capital gains are short-term)
(all capital gains are long-term)
Moderate (short-term gains, but on a smaller percentage of the portfolio)
Stock Fund CategoriesLarge/Mid/Small Value, Blend & Growth, Diversified Intl. and GlobalLarge/Mid/Small Value, Blend & GrowthLarge Blend, Small Blend,
Bond Fund CategoriesLong-Term and Intermediate-Term Corporate, Blend, and Government
High Yield, Intl. and Infl.-Protected
Long-Term and Intermediate-Term Corporate, Blend, and Government
High Yield, Intl. and Infl.-Protected
Long Term Government,
Government Inflation Protected,
Emerging Market,
"Hard Asset" Categories NoneNoneGold, Commodities, Real Estate
Invested SinceJanuary 2001July 2014April 2015

The following graph shows where the three Radius investment strategies fall in terms of investment style (active vs. passive) and correlation to the market (S&P 500).

The graph below illustrates how $100,000 invested in each strategy would have performed compared to their benchmarks since 1/1/2001.

Comments/Disclosures on Performance Numbers:

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. It should not be assumed that investment decisions made in the future will be profitable or will equal the performance of the portfolios shown above.

Total return numbers for the Radius 100 portfolio reflect the (unaudited) performance of actual portfolios that have been invested since 1/1/2001.

Performance numbers for the Index 100 prior to 8/2014 and the Balanced Risk Strategy prior to 4/2015 are back-tested and do not represent the actual performance of portfolios managed by Radius.

All performance numbers include dividends and capital gains and are reported net of all transaction costs and management fees.

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