At Radius Capital Management, we have two goals:

  • To achieve strong investment returns
  • To prudently manage overall portfolio risk

We strive to achieve these goals through a combination of the following three key investment methodologies:

  1. Portfolio Diversification: Radius portfolios invest solely in broad-based no-load mutual funds and ETFs – no individual stocks or bonds.
  1. Dynamic Portfolio Allocation: The Radius strategies are not static “invest and forget” portfolios.  As the economic and business environments change over time, we adjust our portfolios accordingly to manage portfolio risk and take advantage of emerging market opportunities.
  1. Focused on Managing Risk:
    • The Radius Risk-Adjusted Return Investment Strategy (Radius Strategy) constructs and updates portfolios that have the highest projected returns after adjusting for risk. Radius’ proprietary investment management tools are based on the Modern Portfolio Theory work of 1990 Nobel Prize winning economists William Sharpe and Harry Markowitz.
    • The Radius Index Strategy seeks to manage risk by investing in market segments that have lagged the rest of the market over the past five to ten years. The idea is that moving forward these market segments have less downside risk and more upside potential than the “high flying” segments of the past few years.
    • The Radius Balanced Risk Strategy seeks to balance the risk of the portfolio among eight distinct asset classes that perform differently in various market environments. The concept is when some of the asset classes are moving in one direction other asset classes will move in the opposite direction – thereby reducing the overall portfolio volatility/risk.

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