Our clients receive personal guidance on matching Radius services to their specific investment needs. Below are two Excel spreadsheets we have found helpful in allocation planning. Included is also a link to the sign-in page for each client’s personal financial website.

  • Risk Tolerance Tool – An investor’s risk tolerance and his/her investment time horizon are the key inputs in determining how that investor’s portfolio should best be invested and what percentage of the portfolio should be allocated to stocks.
  • Time Horizon Tool – While one’s time horizon is often easy to determine, the calculation becomes more complex if you take withdrawals over a period of time. This tool take various factors into account including risk tolerance.
  • Personal Financial Website – Each Radius client has access to their own personal financial website. This tool enables you – in one web-based “dashboard” – to get an overview of your finances and net worth by linking to your various investment, mortgage, bank, 401(k), and insurance accounts.

Note: No client or prospective client should assume that any information presented and/or made available on this Website – including the above links – serves as the receipt of, or a substitute for, personalized individual advice from the adviser or any other investment professional.


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