Your investment time horizon is simply the projected amount of time that you will be investing your money. This tool takes into consideration such items as your life expectancy and the age at which you will start to withdraw your money in calculating an average projected time horizon. The tool then adjusts your time horizon for your specific risk tolerance.
  1. Please click on the link above to access the time horizon calculator and enter the information requested in questions 1, 2, 3a/b (if needed), and 4.
  2. To advance to the next question, simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard, press the ‘Tab’ key, or click on the desired cell.
  3. After you have correctly filled out the questions, your adjusted investment time horizon and the corresponding recommended Radius portfolio will be shown at the bottom of the page (you may need to scroll down for this).

A note on multiple time horizons:
Investors often have multiple purposes for their investment portfolio. For example, one might have a $100,000 account where $50,000 is for a house down payment, $25,000 is for a child’s college fund, and $25,000 is retirement savings.

There are two ways to deal with this situation. The first is simply to open up a separate investment account for each of the objectives (e.g. House Account, College Account, Retirement Account). In this way, the time horizon is clear and easy to calculate for each account.

The alternative is to have just one “multipurpose” account. Please note, however, that this time horizon tool is designed for the first alternative. If you have all your investments in one account, you will need to calculate your time horizon for each purpose separately and then manually calculate the weighted average for the entire account.

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