The mission of Radius Capital Management is to provide risk-managed investment solutions to our clients. We carefully choose our investments and construct our portfolios to provide our clients with the highest possible return after adjusting for risk.

Our clients place their trust in us to carefully monitor and manage their investments, and we do everything we can to earn that trust and ensure that their assets are managed prudently.

Guiding Principles:

  • The foundations of our business are honesty, integrity, trust, and open communication with our clients.
  • We treat your investment with Radius Capital Management as if it were our own.
  • We invest our own money in the Radius Capital Management portfolios.
  • We pay close attention to risk and construct our investment portfolios based on their projected returns after adjusting for risk.
  • We invest for the long term, while always striving to maximize returns and prudently manage investment risk.
  • We do not use and never will use industry “tricks” to squeeze more money out of our investors – such as the use of soft dollars or hidden fees.

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